Final Exam

Wednesday, December 6, 2:10pm

The final exam is going to be in our regular classroom (M LNG 303), on Friday, December 15, 11am-1pm.

Homework #12 due date extended

Saturday, November 11, 12:36pm

If you have not turned in homework #12, you have until Wednesday to do so.

Last minute review session @ MATH 320

Tuesday, October 10, 10:36am

We'll have that last minute review session. This time, I booked a room: MATH 320, so let's meet there tomorrow before the test, around noon (I'll be there at about 12:05). We should be done by 12:45.

Homeworks #7 & #8

Monday, October 9, 5:46pm

The deadline for homeworks #7 and #8 has been extended. If you haven't turned them in, you have until Friday to do so.

Test #2

Wednesday, September 27, 5:10pm

Test #2 is scheduled for Wednesday, October 11. It will cover sections up to (and including) 3.4.

There are two homework assignments due the Friday before, intended for you to get some practice for the test, and so that you can have them back and graded on Monday.

Office hours change

Tuesday, September 19, 6:37pm

I changed my office hours from Monday 11-1 to Friday 10-12. Wednesday remains 1-2.

Homework #5: Section 2.6 Problems Reassigned

Tuesday, September 19, 6:36pm

You don't need to turn in the Section 2.6 problem set this Friday, it will be due next Friday as part of homework #6. However, I want you to take that extra time and do Sections 2.4 & 2.5 with particular attention: product rule, quotient rule and chain rule are tools you need to become very familiar with, since we will be using them extensively throughout the rest of the course.

Last minute review

Tuesday, September 12, 8:44pm

There will be a last minute review session just before the test, from 12:00-12:45 tomorrow, Wednesday 9/13. We will meet in the MTL hallway in front of my office.

Test practice

Wednesday, September 6, 9:53pm

The first test is coming up next Wednesday. I urge you to get a lot of practice over the weekend. In addition to the homework problems I passed out today, you will find plenty of good problems on the handouts page of the main course website. Many of them include detailed solutions. I find this one particularly useful.

Class listserv activated

Wednesday, September 6, 9:41pm

The class listserv is active. The address is (there's no danger of spam, since the system only accepts emails from people on the list). If you're in my class and haven't received the welcome message this morning, let me know.

Homework #2: Section 1.5 Problems Reassigned

Wednesday, August 30, 6:29pm

Today we did not have time to complete section 1.5, in particular we haven't come to the part about techniques of taking limits. For that reason, you don't need to turn in Section 1.5 problems on Friday, it will be due next Friday as part of Homework #3. Only sections 1.3 and 1.4 are due this Friday (see the problems list here).

D2L site up and running

Saturday, August 26, 11:22am

The D2L site for our section has been created, in time for the first homework. The main purpose of this site is to give you a secure access to your homework grades and test scores, but you can also use it to communicate with your classmates, and I will also use it to get some feedback from you from time to time. If you feel like it, update your profile (upload a picture!).

Note that the classlist on D2L does not update instantly, so that you may not be able to access the D2L course website just yet if you added the class recently.

Change of room

Tuesday, August 22, 11:22am

The classroom has been changed: as of Wednesday, 8/23, instead of PAS 312 we will be meeting in Modern Languages 303.